Artist Statement


Much of my inspiration is derived from a passion for the unexplained and the unexplainable, the study of 21st century psychoanalysis and a thirsty fascination with people and our relationship with the world

I have always been intrigued with the physical human and animal form in relation to our mental psyche, 
emotional state and spiritual equilibrium

I endeavour to depict the feelings and truths that are hidden, undiscovered or ignored and by uncovering the hidden depths of the mind, find my work drawn to the exploration of social taboos and conformities seemingly ever present within modern societies. I attempt to question attitudes towards subjects, sometimes challenging to individuals at an emotional level

Because some of the works are for some, difficult to accept, either emotionally or visually, they take on both an ugly 
and a beautiful quality

I believe that clay itself holds its own energy and that by working with this energy through the process of hands on “creation”, the artist is able to reveal the hidden depths of the subconscious

At its best this communication between ones mind, body, spirit and environment creates an almost global connection, making it possible to produce work which hopefully speaks many languages.



Born in Sheffield in 1976, Eve started her career as a sculptor at the tender age of 17, working as an apprentice to the well known animal sculptor Anthony Bennett. Within months, having recognised Eve's unique talent, Bennett recommended her to the UK's largest sculpture and heritage company Scenic Route.

At Scenic Route, Eve developed a reputation for high quality portraiture and was in high demand by many of the company's clients. Her work included public sculptures, often above life size, many of which can still be seen exhibited internationally in almost every continent including South America, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, Singapore and Germany to name but a few. At the age of 21 Eve's dedication to her work was recognised by Scenic Route, when she was given the responsibility of heading the Sculpting Department, managing other sculptors and taking the lead on many more large scale projects worldwide.

After several years, and having become one of the most respected sculptors in the profession, Eve decided to focus on her own work, and became freelance. Around the same time she was accepted by Chelsea University in London, where she caused a stir by re-introducing clay and figurative sculpture, to an environment which had been starved of it for many years, having instead favoured conceptual art.

In 2000 Eve was invited to become a member of the prestigious Society of Portrait Sculptors (S.P.S) and an Associate Member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors (A.R.B.S). Eve received a commendation and The Pangolin Award
in the S.P.S Tiranti Prize for Young Portrait Sculptor (2002), for her work "self portrait" and was widely acclaimed
by members of the S.P.S in 2003 when she exhibited "Dignified" in their Summer Exhibition that year.

As an artist, Eve has undertaken many commissions as well as focusing on her own work. Alongside her own sculpture, 
she is currently working on three major commissions, two being to produce full body portraits of Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, one for Cambridge University and one for Cape Town University. The third is a private commission
to create a large over life size bronze of "Harry" the lurcher.

Recently, The Ministry of Defence in London has been approached with a view to display Eve's twice life-size war hero statue of Henry Allingham, who is not only recognised throughout the land, but is very local to Brighton in many ways too - and it's where Eve lives.

Exhibitions & Awards



2014 – Opus Gallery, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, UK

2014 – Duel Show, Saffron Art Gallery, Battle, UK

2013 – (Solo Show) Metamorphosis, Saffron Art Gallery, Battle, UK

2013 – (Solo Show) Turril Sculpture Garden, Oxford, UK

2013 – Opus Art Gallery, Stow on the Wolds, Gloucestershire, UK

2013 – Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

2013 – Mooi Man Art Gallery, Holland

2012 – Family Expo, Touring show, Russia

2012 – Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

2012 - Brighton Art Fair, Brighton, UK

2012 – Artists Open Houses, Brighton, UK

2012 – FACE, Cork St, London, UK

2012 – Sotheby’s Fine Art Auction, The Sculpture Park, UK

2012 - Toovey's Auction Rooms, Washington, W.Sussex, UK

2011 - Guildford Cathedral, Guildford

2011 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork St, London

2011 - 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' Exhibition, Imagine Gallery, Suffolk

2011 - Toovey's Auction Rooms, Washington, W. Sussex

2011 - Mallams Auction Rooms, Oxford

2011 - Artists Open Houses, Brighton, Sussex

2011 - Denbies Wine Estates, Dorking, Surrey

2010 - Surrey Sculpture Society, Borde Hill, Sussex, UK

2010 - This Sacred Place, Society of Portrait Sculptors, Winchester Cathedral, UK

2010 - Sculpture, Image Gallery, Sudbury, UK

2010 - Beaulieu Motor Museum (Surrey Sculpture Society), UK

2010 - Artists Open Houses 2010, Brighton, UK

2009 - The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge, W. Yorkshire

2009 - Imagine Gallery, UK

2008 - AIMS, Cape Town, Africa

2008 - Newhaven Fort, Newhaven, Sussex

2008 - The Harvey Gallery, Guilford, Surrey

2008 - Brighton and Hove Open Houses, Brighton

2008 - The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne

2008 - The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge, W. Yorkshire

2008 - SWA Awards Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London

2008 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, England

2007 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, England

2007 - The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge, UK

2007 - The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK

2006 - The Blake Gallery, York, England

2006 - The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge, England

2006 - The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

2006 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, England

2006 - Open Studios, York

2004 - Bluthner Showrooms, Davis Street, London

2004 - The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, England

2004 - Oxford Sculpture Park, Oxford, England

2004 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, England

2004 - Paragon Showrooms, Hull, England

2002 - FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, England

2001 - Artlink/Sothebys, New York, USA

2001 - Houstead Sculpture Trail, Sheffield, England

2000 - De Grey Rooms Gallery, York, England

2000 - Liverpool Biennial CAT Gallery, Liverpool, England



A W A R D S 




FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London,

England Awarded a Commendation for the Tiranti Prize 2002



FACE Portrait Awards, The Gallery, Cork Street, London,

England Awarded Best Newcomer 2002


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