Artist Statement 


"In the beginning God created... God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good(...)"     (Genesis)

The Good - the Absolute or a relative idea?To create and to know something is good - a topic for numerous discussions and philosophical disputes, everlasting dilemma for artists.

For me personally, the good thing was that my wife stood on my way; and my children are good, too. It is also good indeed that I happened to decide to be an artist and that I completed The Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, on the Graphic Arts Department, at professor Tadeusz Jackowski's atelier. There I met parallel worlds, twin souls - my friends.

I hope that is good that in my working as an artist I do not search for a worthless recipe for success whatsoever, but I do pay a great respect for the masters of bygone centuries and therefore I have chosen to strut a path full of neverending search, the path of gathering the crumbs of the mythical philosophical stone.

The work that has been rewarded because it stood up to criteria and conditions of competitions, jury's whims or sposor's requirements is not necessarily good. I find good work the one which my friend holds close to his chest and takes it away being absolutely sure that he acquired something precious... This is when I know that this work is good.

Jerzy Fedro



Born in 1957 in Zielona Góra, Poland. In 1987 he finished The Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, awarded master of arts degree in Graphics Department, Metal Techniques Studio in the atelier of prof. Tadeusz Jackowski. Being full of admiration for the Grand Masters, in the world of chaos he seeks for the harmony, in the mysticism - the laws of life and vanishing.

Has held and featured in over forty solo and group exhibitions, in Poland and abroad. Frequently rewarded for his own artistic activity, cultural development of the city of Gubin, where he lives nowadays. Works in the field of graphic art, design, painting, pastel drawing, press satirical drawing. Since 1991 the member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP).

"(...)We know him mostly of remarkable drawings, which from a few years are illustrating in our local press articles reffered to social, public, sometimes even moral issues. Saying nothing about the artistry of strokes and perspective shortcuts, I admire the works of Jurek looking from a distance, for a very accurate association in picturing given problem. That illustrations (there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of them) Jurek prepares on commission. I prefer definitely (I think the author as well) the ones, which are draught from necessity of the heart, fascination of the landscapes as well as a human-being. There are hundreds of them too. He more often comes up with colour, even here adapted very economically. Owing to this the drawings are not losing the lines, strokes, with which he operates simply perfectly. I hold him dear and admire not only for all of that. I value him - even more - for the wisdom, sensitivity, friendship and well-doing, the features so hard to find in nowadays, "technologicalized" world."

Jerzy Gąsior